About Us

The Bridge is a non-profit 501c (3) organization which provides a safe and comfortable meeting place for all recognized twelve step programs. The Bridge hosts a variety of weekly meetings in English as well as Spanish. Below is a list of twelve step programs which we currently host at our site.

Alcoholics Anonymous – The original 12 step program which helps the alcoholic stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous – A program created for people who feel driven to act on their compulsions.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Individuals in recovery which include adult children of alcoholics, codependents and other various addicts. Many members grew up in dysfunctional homes and exhibit past abuse or neglect.

Gamblers Anonymous – A recovery program created for anyone who has lost control of their gambling.

Al-Anon – A recovery program designed for the friends and family of alcoholics.
Food Addicts Anonymous – A 12 step program which follows abstinence from addictive foods with a plan of sound nutrition.

4&5 Step All Addictions – Spanish speaking meetings which help in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other emotional disorders.

FAA– A recovery program for food addicts

OA- A recovery program for overeaters